You can probably extend the life of your day/night blinds for about 15 minutes of work, and at no cost.

The cords in day/night blinds in our RV seem to break about every 4 years.

It appears that the cords rubbing on the bushing inside of the day/night blinds result in either breaking the cords or cutting thru the bushings

It appears to be very difficult to improve the bushings in the blinds.

As of Dec 2008 we have lubricated all of the cords in our day/night blinds with a silicon-based paste wax

We hope that this will significantly extend the longevity of the blinds by reducing the cutting action of the bushings.

I had searched the internet in Dec 2008 and was unable to find any indication - positive or negative - that lubrication of the cords would help

If no blinds break in 2009 and 2010, I will consider our experiment to be successful, as 2 cords typically break each year.

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