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will save many lives around the world by prevention and quick response to medical emergencies.  

The following are ALL OF our lessons learned since full-timing 5/02.  These do not include the hundreds of lessons learned by reading books and on-line before starting or that we have put on our website at www.skyaid.org/rv.  I welcome your comments/corrections/suggestions. Henry Lahore  hlahore at skyaid.org

Highlights of our 2002 Teton order   additions Aug 2004 and April 2005

Ordered a Teton 36’ Laramie 5th wheel in Jan and picked it up in May 2002

Upgraded mattress & sofa from Teton – wanted more comfort - would probably buy elsewhere next time around

Replaced recliners with two from Flex-Steel - got them with Teton-like fabric

3rd axle – for more carrying capacity and extra safety

Mor-Ryde RE suspension – great ride, can independently adjust wheel alignment
    excellent ride - we have not any any reason to add air hitch

Dual-pane tinted insulated windows – keeps out cold, UV, heat of sun, and noise

2000 watt inverter and 400 AH batteries– extended boondocking.
    This runs microwave, hair dryer, toaster, but not air conditioning

2  40 pound propane bottles

Double insulated refrigerator 10 cubic foot – smaller ref. created space for a second pantry
    Freezer compartment is probably larger than in side-by-side and unit cost $1,000 less.

Office desk with 12 volt outlet added – to recharge laptop and cell-phones without inverter
     Added another 12 volt outlet on other side of RV about 12 months later, behind the chairs

Full width vanity – which we converted into space for 88 key music keyboard
    purchased a small keyboard and mounted it with velcro next to the TV - for middle of the night compositions

Two additional coax cables installed to the outside - for high-speed two-way internet satellite
    should have had 3 cables to the roof for internet satellite with directional control

Cable from office desk to vanity – RV area network = LAN to access printer, internet from vanity
    ended up not using - WiFi instead of wire

Vinyl instead of carpet in front of shower – eliminate risk of rotting carpet

Factory pickup was an extra $1,000 but we probably got more attention to details and very quick fixes

We do not have a 2nd A/C, generator, solar panels, vacuum, dish washer, clothes washer/dryer

Some of the reasons we purchased a Teton:
   1) Designed for 0 to 100 degree environment, 
   2) Good attention to detail in design and construction
   3) Good floor plan – including 3 in 1 living room – permitting 3 arrangements which can be slid in
   4) Dining slideouts have flush floor
   5) Headroom of 8’ in main floor and 6’5” in near-half of bedroom
   6) Able to easily build to our options
   7) High ( 4 star) rating in safety for 36’ with 3rd axle
   9) One of the few 5th wheels rated for full time in www.rv.org

We have been very happy with our purchase decisions and with the Teton
   We are anticipating replacing our 2002 Teton with a 2012 Teton

Failed to order for our 2002 Teton = 20-20 hindsight

Convection oven instead of microwave

Awnings over windows– would really help keep sun off of Teton and windows.