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will save many lives around the world by prevention and quick response to medical emergencies.  

The following are some lessons learned since fulll-timing 05/02.  These do not include the hundreds of lessons learned by reading books and on-line before starting or that we have put on our website at www.skyaid.org/rv   hlahore at skyaid.org  
Additions 05/05
and 07/05

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Ideas for a late-model Teton owner

You can dim the under-vanity light by putting black tape over some of the light rope

If the door latches are too tight – just pinch the non-moving part with vise grips

The Heart Inverter can not go into idle mode in Teton
       There is too much “ghost load” in most RVs from TV, microware, and VCR

You can buy replacement drawer slides at Home Depot

The clothes closet door latches (shown below) need to be moved out about 3/8” – the latches are too hard to open otherwise, and break
   Consider them to be expendables - buy many spares.





Metal filings were dropping onto carpet from slides occasionally. 
    The factory had failed to clean out the filing after manufacture. 
    The slides were not generating the metal filings they way we feared.

You can support the front end of Teton just rear of each leveling jack – where there is metal structure – jack stands

Satellite cables to the roof do not have enough wires to run a motorized antenna, so will need to add wires

Closet railing screws used by factory did not large enough heads, so they pulled thru the hole in the railing, which resulted in tilting the closet doors which then broke the closet snap-latch.  Replaced screws with larger heads.

Knife holder drawer broke, probably due to vibration – should re-enforce – plastic was too weak.
Replacement drawer from Teton was much stronger.

Add transparent caulking at bottom kitchen sink cabinet.

Hydraulic fluid for slide-outs did not seem to be mentioned in the Teton instruction manual.
Low hydraulic fluid results in slide stuttering while sliding in. 
We now use a turkey baester to refill the hydraulic fluid.
The baester is low cost and fits into both the fluid bottle and the narrow space above hydraulic tank

Propane tray needed oil to prevent rusting - this minor item was not listed on the annual Teton maintenance schedule

We developed black areas on the ceiling near the lights. 
We were able to clean these marks off with a rug cleaner and prevented future marks by sealing the ceiling carpet edges with tape

Add insulation board under kitchen slideout ( there is only 1” of board to the outside at underneath slides)
Notice that the Tetons manufactured in 2004 have this extra insulation.

Should tack-weld, not fully weld, the Mor Ryde shock absorbers if/when they break off.
They are supposed to fail by breaking off, and if fully welded would probably fail by breaking/folding, etc.

Consider installing a bungee cord on upper cabinet doors to eliminate door accidentally being open and jamming during slidein.

File drawer (heavy) is now held closed with a screw driver pushed thru hole drilled in side of the file drawer.
The screw driver is inserted before travel, and removed after parking.

You can grease wheel bearings at low cost without having to re-pack the bearings.

Air Conditioner sensor to prevent freezing had never been installed. (Noticed this after two years, when the air conditioner
froze up and ceased cooling. We had to wait for the ice to melt before the AC would work again). 
Apparently the factory had failed to connect the A/C sensor. 
Sensor could be seen hanging free in the air conditioner by opening up the AC panel from inside of the RV.
It was a fairly simple mater to open up the AC on the roof and attach the sensor to one of the cooling coils.

Pocket Door to bedroom ceased automatically closing completely. (after 3 years of full time use) 
It appeared that we could have a major task getting to the pneumatics which controls the door opening and closing.
However, just exercising the door about 50 times 'recharged' the pneumatics, so it is working again.