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will save many lives around the world by prevention and quick response to medical emergencies.  

The following are some lessons learned during first 6 months on the road full-timing in the summer of 2002.  These do not include the hundreds of lessons learned by reading books and on-line before starting or that we have put on our website at www.skyaid.org/rv.  I welcome your comments/corrections/suggestions. Henry Lahore    hlahore at skyaid.org 

What they should tell a new Teton owner

Need to have a torsion wrench to check the wheel bolts for the first 1,000 miles

Need to have a #10 square driver to fix/change drawers, doors, shelves, etc.

Need 50 foot of power cable at some RV parks, 40' is not long enough a 30 amp extension is ok

Need a 30 amp adapter at many RV parks, and a 15 amp adapter at some parks

Need 40 feet of blackwater hose at some parks

Need at least 4 thick blocks for stabilizers- the legs do not reach the ground without blocks

Door for microwave fan must be opened outside before using fan

Oven delays startup after pilot is lit by about 30 seconds

Water heater propane light is on for about 6 sec. only if just turned on AND water is not already hot

Furnace fan seems to need a 25A fuse, not the 20A fuse installed

Should change keys for storage, etc. same key has been used by many RVs for over 10 years.

Wheels should be balanced and aligned rarely done by any RV manufacturer.

Do not need covers for the Teton wheels - wheels are protected from sunlight degradation by the slideouts.

Slideouts can be blocked by snow as we found on on our very first night