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You can run a single air conditioner on 20A or perhaps even a 15A circuit

A single air conditioner typically has a 20A circuit breaker but only uses 13A of current.

Provided that you turn off most of the other electrical load in your RV, you will be able to run a single air conditioner on a 20A and perhaps even a 15A circuit.

Other loads to turn off while running the air conditioner include:
      hot water heater and ref - both of which can operate from propane

You will not be able to use other large loads concurrently with the air conditioner - such as microwave range

A air conditioner does take need 15A for a second or so while starting, so depending on how fast a 15A circuit breaker reacts you may or may not be able to run the A/C on a 15A circuit breaker.

We hope to run the air conditioner on a 2000 watt AC generator by reducing the startup current
   1) Delay turning on air conditioner again for at least 10 minutes after stopping it.
   2) Turn the air conditioner on low initially, then set to high after about 10 seconds.