5X faster surfing for $5 a month www.propel.com

I have explored many ways to speed up internet connection over the years.

I feel that by far the best solution at this time is provided by Propel $5 a month

Propel is very easy to install and use.

Propel has a 14 day free trial (billed to your credit card if you continue with the service)

Propel appears to be easy to turn off when traveling no multi-year contract.

Propel has sped up my own surfing in Coho by an average of 6X when I have a poor connection. Propel turns itself off when it is not needed: when a high-speed connection is being used. 

How it works: Propel downloads and compresses the web pages you want reducing the amount of text and graphics to be transmitted by 5X to 10X.

hlahore@gmail.com Aug 10, 2009