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will save many lives around the world by prevention and quick response to medical emergencies.  

My view of RV Memberships   Additions May 2005

Full-Time RVers need to have park memberships to reduce the cost per night.

There are a wide variety of RV membership park organizations.

We bought memberships to Coast To Coast, RPI, Escapees, GoodSam, AOR, and Passport America.
Another popular membership we have not purchased is Thousand Trails
Many RVers also belong to Elks Club - which had a great many RV facilities

Membership prices vary widely.
The upfront cost for a membership to the same organization can cost anywhere from $200 to $5,000, depending on which 'home park' it is purchased from.  Annual dues vary from $69 to $250.

The rules for each membership also vary widely
- reservations required/not required from central office
- nightly cost $8 to $10
- sometimes additional costs for pull thru, electricity, telephone, etc.
- maximum stay 1 week/2week/3week   on/off season
- limitation on stays within 200 or so miles of 'home park' or your home address

Escapees is the only membership group that I am aware of which has a fixed low cost ($60 first year, $50 renewal) and allows very long stays in most of their co-op parks. We stayed for 2 months at their Coho park in western Washington for $220 a month + electricity (approx $70 during winter). They also permit dry camping for $2.50 and nightly stays with full hook-ups for $12 per night. You can rent for up to 6 months at Coho without being a lease-holder
     We have are on the waiting list to be a leaseholder for an Escapees lot in Washington State. Became Escapees life time members in 2004

We, like many RVers also make frequent single night use of Wal Mart parking lots.  Although the stay is free, you would want to show appreciation by shopping at the Wal Mart while there. Many, but not all, Wal Marts encourage overnight stays by RVers.   A database is kept of the Wal Marts which do not permit overnight parking.  The database is available for only $3 from http://www.freecampgrounds.com/noparking.html

RV Membership links
http://directory.google.com/Top/Recreation/Outdoors/Camping/Memberships/?il=1  most RV membership parks

http://www.rvnetlinx.com/htclubmember.php3 another comprehensive list of RV memberships

http://www.coastresorts.com/index.cfm Coast To Coast - Dropped membership Fall 05 - many parks dropping it as well

http://www.resortparks.com RPI 290 parks.
     Changed their 125 miles rule Jan 06 - can not frequently use a park within 125 miles of your residence

http://www.escapees.com/website/  Escapees   Became Escapees life time members in 2004

http://www.whresorts.com/aor/  AOR - a part of Western Horizon

http://www.goodsamclub.com/ GoodSam - !0% discount in nightly rate, 1600+ parks

http://www.passport-america.com/  50% off nightly rate. Good Canadian coverage. Very low cost. We joined in April 2005

http://koa.com Nice campgrounds, they give a modest discount if you buy a low-cost card. Most KOA now have WiFi.

http://www.rversonline.org/EdCTC.html  2 page essay of 1/03 on Coast to Coast and RPI.  Some RVers have had difficulty getting into C2C campgrounds; only a certain number of spaces may be allocated to C2C, and when those spaces are full the camper is told there are not C2C spaces left.

Used RV membership links

Here are a few of the web locations where you can buy "used" memberships. 
Memberships are often (but not always) sellable
"Used" price may be 1/3 of the "new" price.
Be sure that you find the specific home park acceptable





http://www.rvnetlinx.com/htclubmember.php3  Used and new memberships

Books we use while planning and driving- most of these are updated annually
Coast to Coast Resorts Directory includes Good Neighbor Parks  now have parks as icons on our e-map

Resort Parks International  now have parks as icons on our e-map

AOR Camping Guide now have parks as icons on our e-map

Woodall's - nice, rarely lists any membership campground

Trailer Life  nice, rarely lists any membership campground however, includes about 1800 Good Sam Club parks (after all, it is their publication)

the Next Exit - for diesel, food, Wal Marts, etc. near freeways

              http://www.discoveryowners.com/cginfo.htm   for e-map icons showing park location, Wal*Marts, etc.